Lieutenant Commander D'Varex

Name: D'Varex
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Chief Science Officer USS Lexington
Age: 102

Starfleet History
2362: Enters Starfleet Academy
2366: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2367: Assigned to USS Ambassador as a science officer
2370: Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade
2372: Reassigned to USS Bozeman as Assistant Chief Science Officer
2375: Promoted to Lieutenant
2376: Named Chief Science Officer
2379: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and reassigned to USS Lexington

Personal History
D'Varex was born in 2277 in the city of Kir on planet Vulcan. D'Varex studied at the Vulcan Science Academy and then eventually became an instructor there. In 2300 D'Varex attempted and completed the Kolinahr before returning to his teaching duties at the Vulcan Science Academy. While teaching at the Academy D'Varex fathered five children with his mate three boys and two girls. At the age of 90, which was almost mid life for a Vulcan, D'Varex decided to enter Starfleet Academy and major in science to challenge himself. Being around humans was more of a challenge than the actual courses he was taking. After graduating the Academy he was assigned to the Ambassador as a junior science officer. Life on a ship was a struggle for D'Varex even more so than the Academy but he was still able to rise through the ranks. In late 2379, he was transferred from the Bozeman to Lexington even though it was a lateral transfer due to the Lexington's involvement in Project Full Circle exploring the Delta Quadrant.

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