Crew Manifest USS Curie


Commanding Officer Captain Jack Crusher r-o6.png Human/Male
First Officer Commander Duke Coleman r-o5.png Human/Male
Second Officer/Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Commander Wesley Crusher c-o4.png Human/Male
Gamma Shift Commanding Officer Lieutenant Sesiass Ch'tiahlor r-o3.png Andorian/Chan
Chief Helm Officer Lieutenant Romaya Marattia r-o3.png Human/Female
Assistant Chief Helm Officer Lieutenant Eddie Dale r-o2.png Human/Male
Helm Officer Lieutenant Fred Petersen r-o2.png Human/Male
Helm Officer Lieutenant Pearl George r-o2.png Human/Female
Helm Officer Lieutenant Jaime Ballard r-o2.png Human/Female
Helm Officer Ensign Adrian Riley r-o1.png Human/Male
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Gregory Larsen r-o1.png Human/Male
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Priscilla Savage r-o1.png Human/Female
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Nott Mamin r-o1.png Bolian/Male
Chief Operations Officer Lieutenant Commander Phillip Norris y-o4.png Human/Male
Assistant Chief Operations Officer Lieutenant Minnie Crawford y-o3.png Human/Female
Operations Officer Lieutenant Austin Thornton y-o3.png Human/Male
Operations Officer Lieutenant Tristan Ellis y-o2.png Human/Male
Operations Officer Ensign Loge Lynaht y-o1.png Bolian/Male
Operations Officer Ensign Autumn Hammond y-o1.png Human/Female
Security Chief Lieutenant Lonnoc Kedair y-o3.png Takaran/Female
Assistant Security Chief Lieutenant Clifford Cherry y-o3.png Human/Male
Security Officer Lieutenant Stephanie Houston y-o3.png Human/Female
Security Officer Lieutenant Myrna Tyler y-o3.png Human/Female
Security Officer Lieutenant Clayton Landry y-o2.png Human/Male
Security Officer Lieutenant Howard Bowers y-o2.png Human/Male
Security Officer Ensign Adrianna Wolfe y-o1.png Human/Female
Security Officer Ensign Douglas Hardy y-o1.png Human/Male
Security Officer Ensign Timothy Keller y-o1.png Human/Male
Security Officer Ensign Hubert Murphy y-o1.png Human/Male
Chief Engineer Lieutenant Commander Randall Jackson y-o4.png Human/Male
Assistant Chief Engineer Lieutenant Solau Grohl y-o3.png Unjoined Trill/Female
Engineer Lieutenant Raawi Zozkath y-o2.png Bajoran/Male
Engineer Lieutenant Melanie Head y-o2.png Human/Female
Engineer Ensign Survic y-o1.png Vulcan/Male
Engineer Ensign Jay Harrington y-o1.png Human/Male
Engineer Ensign Ikanen Th'thathen y-o1.png Andorian/Thaan
Engineer Ensign Emil Haney y-o1.png Human/Male
Engineer Ensign Nancy McCormick y-o1.png Human/Female
Sensor Room Specialist Lieutenant Shelley Little y-o2.png Human/Female
Sensor Room Specialist Ensign Donovan Bright y-o1.png Human/Male
Sensor Room Specialist Ensign Travis Greer y-o1.png Human/Male
Nacelle Room Supervisor Lieutenant Gloria Whitaker y-o2.png Human/Female
Assistant Nacelle Room Supervisor Lieutenant Tiahis Groras y-o2.png Bolian/Female
Nacelle Room Operator Lieutenant Vera Pickett y-o2.png Human/Female
Shuttle Bay Officer Ensign Dave Dillard y-o1.png Human/Male
Shuttle Bay Officer Ensign Jose Cook y-o1.png Human/Male
Shuttle Bay Officer Ensign Dorothy Wilson y-o1.png Human/Female
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Chief Petty Officer Abigail Benson y-e7.png Human/Female
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Petty Officer Douglas Waller y-e4.png Human/Male
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Veronica Lawrence y-e3.png Human/Female
Transporter Chief Chief Petty Officer Giarjor Deeeg y-e7.png Unjoined Trill/Male
Transporter Operator Crewman Homer Weeks y-e3.png Human/Male
Transporter Operator Crewman Chalise Morton y-e3.png Human/Female
Chief Medical Officer Doctor(Commander) Ismail Asenzi t-o5.png Human/Male
Assistant Chief Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Dehold Atu t-o3.png Bajoran/Female
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Morgan Hall t-o3.png Human/Female
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Noah Hobbs t-o3.png Human/Male
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Alejandro Briggs t-o2.png Human/Male
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Barol Th'zinnak t-o2.png Andorian/Thaan
Head Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Stephen Johnson t-o2.png Human/Male
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Amy Snow t-o1.png Human/Female
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Samantha Stephenson t-o1.png Human/Female
Med Tech Crewman Paul Richard t-e3.png Human/Male
Med Tech Crewman Rebecca Ryan t-e3.png Human/Female
Med Tech Crewman Alan Bryan t-e3.png Human/Male
Counselor Counselor(Lieutenant) Lisa Hutchinson t-o3.png Human/Female
Chief Science Officer/Second Officer Lieutenant Commander Wesley Crusher c-o4.png Human/Male
Assistant Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Jordan Marks c-o3.png Human/Male
Science Officer Lieutenant Warren Reynolds c-o2.png Human/Male
Science Officer Ensign Ronald Frederick c-o1.png Human/Male
Science Officer Ensign Claire Dillard c-o1.png Human/Female
Science Officer Ensign Taylor Kirkland c-o1.png Human/Female
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