Specs for Crossfield Class

Commissioned: 2256, one still in service

Length: 750.5m

Decks: 17
Crew: 180

forward and aft photon torpedo launchers

Defense systems
deflector shields
Phase Cloak/Standard Cloak

Warp speeds (TNG scale)
Normal Cruise:
Maximum Cruise: 6.5
Maximum Rated: 8

Notes: The Crossfield class was a type of Federation starship in service during the mid-23rd century. Its design consisted of a saucer section, a wide secondary hull, and two elongated nacelles. At least two ships of the class, the Discovery and the Glenn. The ship's armament included phasers and forward and aft photon torpedoes. The ships had deflector shield capability for defense. Crossfield-class starships were also equipped with tractor beams for towing spacial objects. Shuttlebays were also present on Crossfield-class starships, with force fields being utilized to contain the atmosphere, as with all Federation starships.

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