Claimed Characters by Player
Special Advisor for Project Full Circle Rear Admiral Benjamin Sisko ra2.png
Head of Project Full Circle Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway ra3.png
Second Officer/Chief Engineer USS Hawking Lieutenant Commander Wesley Crusher yo4.png
Second Officer/Chief Operations Officer USS Curie Lieutenant Commander Jean-Luc Picard yo4.png
Commanding Officer USS Curie Captain Jack Crusher J3CBy3.png
Chief Communications Officer USS Archer Lieutenant Hoshi Sato MQ326v.png
Engineer USS Odyssey Lieutenant Va'kel th'Shon yo3.png
Chief of Operations Deep Space Nine Senior Chief Petty Officer Miles O'Brien ye8.png
First Officer USS Titan Commander Worf ro5.png
First Officer/SCE Team Leader USS da Vinci Commander Wesley Crusher QQ22kS.png
Engineer USS Odyssey Ensign ShalMartia Zh'Bla yo1.png
Commanding Officer USS Archer Captain Jonathan Archer 65ujtZ.png
Astrometrics Officer USS Voyager Lieutenant Seven of Nine co3.png
Operations Officer USS Titan Cadet Zurin Dakal yc3.png
Commanding Officer USS Enterprise-E Captain James T Kirk DDCY6A.png
Assistant Security Chief Deep Space Nine Lieutenant Bemi Huliay yo3.png
Second Officer/Chief Science Officer USS Planck Major Jennifer Sisko 0GUqjx.png
Security Officer USS Lexington Lieutenant Thomas Fulton yo3.png
Second Officer/Security Chief USS Esquiline Lieutenant Commander Worf LXv8S4.png
Security Chief USS Achilles Lieutenant Amanda Cole PI7RAz.png
Second Officer/Security Chief USS Enterprise-E Lieutenant Commander Tasha Yar yo4.png
Assistant Chief Medical Officer USS Enterprise-E Doctor(Lieutenant) Karina Kirk to3.png
Chief Science Officer Deep Space Nine Lieutenant Thirishar ch'Thane co2.png
Chief Science Officer USS Curie Lieutenant Commander Wesley Crusher hn8P3s.png
Romulan Liaison USS Titan Rear Admiral Tomalak ra1.png
Commanding Officer USS Planck Captain Benjamin Sisko CimlEL.png
Assistant Chief Communications Officer USS Archer Lieutenant Janice Rand x1kHfW.png
Archaeology and Anthropology Officer USS Enterprise-E Lieutenant Commander Carolyn Palamas kvkDvb.png
Counselor USS Quirinal Counselor Sean Turner to3.png
Chief Medical Officer USS Galen Doctor(Lieutenant Commander) Denara Pel 05DXzK.png
Chief Operations Officer USS Enterprise-E Lieutenant Sito Jaxa yo3.png
Security Officer USS Titan Cadet Ba'el yc4.png
Chief Engineer Project Full Circle Lieutenant Commander B'Elanna Torres yo4.png
Representative of Starfleet Academy Rear Admiral K'Ehleyr smjAsq.png
Commanding Officer USS Lexington Captain Derek Rothchild ro6.png
Counselor USS Lexington Counselor(Commander) Iles to5.png
First Officer Deep Space Nine Lieutenant Commander Ro Laren ro4.png
Commanding Officer USS Achilles Commander T'Shanik ro5.png
Chief Operations Officer USS Lexington Lieutenant M'Rajni yo3.png
Gamma Shift Commanding Officer USS Achilles Lieutenant Kinis ro3.png
Commanding Officer USS Odyssey Captain TharinJuhl ch'Murst ro6.png
Commanding Officer USS da Vinci Captain Data ro6.png
Proprietor of Quark's Bar & Casino Quark sblank.png
Security Chief Deep Space Nine Lieutenant Commander Odo yo4.png
Second Officer/Security Chief USS Voyager Lieutenant Commander R'Nard Lokran yo4.png
Chief Engineer USS Curie Lieutenant Commander Hwiii ih'iie-uUlak!ha' yo4.png
Commanding Officer USS Enterprise Captain Spock DDCY6A.png
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