Claimed Characters by Player
Special Adviser Rear Admiral Benjamin Sisko r-a2.png
Second Officer/Chief Engineer USS Quirinal Lieutenant Commander Wesley Crusher y-o4.png
Commanding Officer USS Curie Captain Jack Crusher r-o6.png
Engineer USS Odyssey Lieutenant Va'kel th'Shon y-o3.png
Chief Communications Officer Enterprise Lieutenant Hoshi Sato t-o2.png
Chief of Operations Deep Space Nine Senior Chief Petty Officer Miles O'Brien y-e8.png
First Officer USS Titan Commander Worf r-o5.png
First Officer/SCE Team Leader USS da Vinci Commander Wesley Crusher y-o5.png
Engineer USS Odyssey Ensign ShalMartia Zh'Bla y-o1.png
Security Chief/Second Officer USS Enterprise-C Lieutenant Tasha Yar y-o3.png
Chief Medical Officer USS Discovery Commander Beverly Crusher t-o5.png
Chief Operations Officer USS Curie Lieutenant Commander Jean-Luc Picard y-o4.png
Acting Officer USS Enterprise-D Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher
First Officer USS Esquiline Commander Tuvok r-o5.png
Commanding Officer USS Enterprise-E Captain James T Kirk y-o6.png
Bridge Watch Officer USS Enterprise-D Lieutenant Worf r-o2.png
SCE Team Member USS da Vinci Lieutenant Harry Kim y-o3.png
Science Specialist USS Discovery Michael Burnham
Assistant Chief Science Officer USS Curie Lieutenant Jordan Marks c-o3.png
Communications Officer Deep Space Nine Lieutenant Akari O'Brien c-o2.png
Assistant Chief Medical Officer USS Enterprise-E Doctor(Lieutenant) Karina Kirk t-o3.png
Chief Science Officer USS Curie/Second Officer Lieutenant Commander Wesley Crusher t-o4.png
First Officer USS Curie Lieutenant Commander Robin Lefler r-o4.png
Civilian USS Discovery Ash Tyler
First Officer USS Enterprise-E Captain Spock r-o6.png
Head of Project Full Circle Fleet Captain Robert DeSoto r-o6c.png
Chief Operations Officer USS Quirinal Lieutenant Patricia Crusher o-o3.png
Commanding Officer USS Voyager Captain Jordan Walker r-o6.png
Assistant Chief Helm Officer USS Enterprise-D Lieutenant Ricardo Torres r-o2.png
Starfleet CinC Fleet Admiral Edward Jellico r-a5.png
Commanding Officer USS Galen Commander Clarissa Glenn t-o5.png
Assistant Chief Science Officer USS Enterprise Lieutenant Sheila Quinn c-o3.png
Counselor USS Hawking Counselor(Lieutenant) Timothy Norton t-o3.png
First Officer/Chief Science Officer USS Enterprise-C Commander Saavik s-o5.png
Commanding Officer USS Odyssey Captain TharinJuhl ch'Murst r-o6.png
Commanding Officer USS da Vinci Captain Data r-o6.png
Proprietor of Quark's Bar & Casino Quark s-blank.png
Second Officer/Security Chief Deep Space Nine Lieutenant Commander Odo y-o4.png
First Officer USS Curie Commander R'Nard Lokran r-o5.png
Chief Engineer USS Quirinal Lieutenant Commander Hwiii ih'iie-uUlak!ha' y-o4.png
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