Captain Christopher Pike

Name: Christopher Pike
Rank: Captain
Position: Commanding Officer USS Discovery
Age: 178 (appears 55)

Starfleet History
2226: Graduates Starfleet Command
2226: Assigned as test pilot
????: Reassigned to USS Antares
????: Reassigned to USS Aryabhatta
????: Reassigned to Chatelet
2245: Promoted to Commander and named First Officer USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)
2250: Promoted to Captain and named Commanding Officer
2257: Temporarily assigned to USS Discovery as Commanding Officer
2380: Reassigned to USS Discovery permanently

Personal History
Pike was born in the city of Mojave on Earth. As a child, Pike had two horses – Tango and Mary Lou – which he rode through parkland that surrounded the city. Pike's father was a science teacher, and when he wasn't doing that, he would teach comparative religion. Because of that, it led to a very confusing household for Pike, causing Pike and his father to not agree on much. At one point during his childhood, Pike heard a fable that described Hell-Fire, something that he carried with him into his adulthood. One of Pike's favorite foods was his mother's chicken tuna sandwiches.

At some point during his life, Alexander Marcus talked Pike into enlisting in Starfleet. Sometime before 2224, Pike attended Starfleet Academy where he received top marks in all his classes, with the exception of an "F" in Astrophysics. He was part of the graduating class of 3201.14. He also met Philippa Georgiou, who during their time at the Academy, was able to drink Pike and their fellow cadets under the table. Upon graduating from Starfleet Academy, Pike was commissioned as an officer in Starfleet where his first assignment was being a test pilot. Pike would go on to serve on three Federation starships, the USS Antares, the USS Aryabhatta, and the USS Chatelet before being assigned to the USS Enterprise as Captain Robert April's first officer. In 2250, Pike was given command of the Enterprise.

Four years after assuming command of the Enterprise, Pike led a landing party to Rigel VII. On this mission, the group was attacked by the Kalar, and Pike himself was trapped by one of the warriors in an abandoned fortress. Three crewmen, including Pike's own yeoman, were killed, while an additional seven, including Spock, were injured, some severely. The loss weighed heavily on Pike; with all the strain and overwork that followed, he began to question his own continuance as starship commander. The Enterprise then set out for Vega colony to hospitalize the sick and injured. En route to the Vega colony, the Enterprise intercepted an old-style radio-interference distress call carrying the call letters of the SS Columbia, a survey expedition from the American Continent Institute which had been lost in the Talos star group in 2236. At Pike's reluctant command, the Enterprise diverted and traced the signal to a crash site on Talos IV. After an initial encounter with supposed survivors, including an out-of-place young beauty named Vina, it was revealed that the native Talosians had used telepathy to create the illusion of an encampment; all the survivors except Vina were dead. Pike was overpowered and kidnapped, and placed in a Talosian menagerie. There, the Talosians attempted to manipulate him into mating with Vina, to create a population of illusion-controlled Human servants. Due to the Talosians' telepathy, Pike was forced to relive old memories and placed in illusory scenarios of lives he could have, if he abandoned his career as a starship captain. The scenarios included reliving the fight on Rigel VII, a picnic in parkland near Mojave with his two horses, and an illusory day in the life of an Orion slave-trader dealing in green animal women. Pike refused to mate with Vina, so the Talosians began to take steps to convince him to breed with other females of his crew; to this end, Yeoman J.M. Colt and Pike's first officer, Number One, were captured. Inside his cell, Pike managed to capture and hold captive The Keeper. Pike then threatened to break the Talosian's neck if he resisted, and all the illusions ceased from that point forward. Escaping with the others to the outside of the Talosian complex, Pike had Number One set a laser to overload, in an effort to make a statement to the Talosians about holding Humans captive. Indeed, the Talosians believed this violent reaction made Humans unsuitable for breeding. Vina's true appearance was then revealed, and Pike convinced the Talosians to restore her illusion of health and beauty while letting him and his crew members go free. Although the experience with the illusory worlds restored Pike's confidence in his command, it was recommended that all contact with the Talosians' powers be restricted. General Order 7 was enacted, threatening the death penalty should anyone travel there, for fear of the Federation falling to illusory indulgence.

At the outbreak of the Federation-Klingon War in 2256, The Enterprise was engaged in a five-year mission and was ordered to remain on mission by Starfleet, held out of combat in reserve as a last resort. Missing the war took a toll on Pike and the rest of his crew. Following the detection of seven red bursts across the galaxy, Starfleet ordered Pike to investigate the location of the only burst which could be traced. When Enterprise suffered a catastrophic systems failure en route, Pike issued a priority one distress call that was picked up by the USS Discovery.

With Enterprise unable to continue its mission, Pike was ordered to assume command of the Discovery from acting captain Saru under Starfleet Regulation 19, Section C. During the encounter with the interstellar asteroid at the location of a red burst, Pike led a landing party to the USS Hiawatha. His landing pod was hit by debris, forcing him to eject using a malfunctioning exo-suit, after which he was rescued by Michael Burnham. When Burnham became trapped aboard the Hiawatha, Pike returned to the stricken starship to get her back to Discovery. Shortly thereafter, Starfleet temporarily assigned Pike as captain of Discovery due to the Enterprise being damaged far worse than originally thought and tasked the vessel with determining the source of the signals and their intent. A short time later, another burst led Pike and the Discovery to an inhabited planet deep in the Beta Quadrant. A distress call and subsequent scans of the planet revealed it was inhabited by Humans. Not wanting to violate General Order One, Pike led an away team to the surface to investigate. After Spock escaped from Starbase 5, Pike used Discovery to search for him. The search for Spock would eventually return Pike to Talos IV, where he learned of the possible fate of the galaxy. Shortly after he began his search for Spock, Pike came into contact with Leland and Section 31. Leland made his presence known while assisting Discovery in its mission to rescue Ensign Tilly from the Mycelial plane.

After Michael Burnham and Spock escaped with assistance from Philippa Georgiou, Pike came into conflict with Section 31 while heading towards Talos IV. The situation would come to a head when Pike and Discovery, now wanted for treason by Starfleet, arrived at Section 31 Headquarters. While attempting to reset Control, Discovery was attacked by the station's defenses in an attack that was ostensibly ordered by Starfleet. Upon beaming over to the station, the landing party discovered that Admiral Patar and all the personnel aboard the station had been killed two weeks prior when Control went rogue. During a mission to the Klingon Monastery world of Boreth to recover a time crystal, he would experience a vision of the unavoidable future if he continued with his quest. His vision showed him aboard a Class J starship on a training cruise when a baffle plate ruptured, leaking delta radiation into engineering, causing severe burns and damage to his body. The vision then transported him to an empty corridor where he came face-to-face with himself in the life-support chair he would inhabit following the accident. Following the mission to Boreth, he returned to the Discovery, only to detect thirty Control-commandeered Section 31 vessels on an intercept course. He subsequently ordered a distress call sent to the Enterprise and to prepare to destroy the Discovery to prevent Control from taking possession of the time crystal. Pike remained on Discovery when it followed Burnham into what should have been the 32nd century but instead they ended up in the Delta Quadrant in the 24th century the year 2380 to be exact. Pike was assigned as Discovery's permanent Captain at that point.

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