Chance Richards

Name: Chance Richards
Species: Human/Betazoid
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Date of Birth: About July 5th, 2381
Place of Birth: Unknown
Rank: Commander
Assignment: Executive Officer, USS Miracle
Physical Characteristics: Muscular physique; scars from his past. Black Hair (kept shaved), Black Eyes, 175 lbs and 6'1".
Personality: Has a good sense of humor, but keeps everyone at arms reach and rarely smiles. He carries a "Tough, Bad Boy" sense, something he got from growing up, but is willing to work with others. He's also known to be sarcastic, has a short temper, sometimes speaks before thinking, which gets him into trouble… a lot! As been into trouble for a few things. He also loves the thrill of danger and will do anything for a thrill. A quick learner and very intelligent.

Siblings (if any): UNKNOWN
Marital Status: Single
Children (if any): None

Hobbies: Astronomy, Dirt biking, surfing, playing baseball, playing the electric guitar, Jujitsu and Tae Kwon Do.
Likes: Chocolate, women, drinking, Italian food, some Asian food, flying or driving anything that goes fast
Dislikes: Doctors, Sickbay, Coffee, Talking about his past and his childhood

Starfleet Major: Helm and Navigation
Starfleet Minor: Engineering

Chance was left on Earth, in an ally, three weeks after being born. As he grew up, he was tossed to one foster home to the next. His last known guardian was of the custody of Don Hopkins, at the age of 14. Records showed that Mr. Hopkins physically abused and neglected him, until he ran away, and ended up living on the streets, until the age of 17. He then joined Starfleet, pushing himself even beyond the requirements of his instructors and graduating top of his class.

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