Colonel Cenn Desca

Name: Cenn Desca
Rank: Colonel
Position: First Officer Deep Space Nine(II)

Bajoran Militia History
2376: Assigned to Deep Space Nine as Bajoran Liaison Officer
2380: Promoted to Colonel and reassigned to Deep Space Nine(II) as First Officer

Personal History
Cenn had only left the surface of Bajor three times in his life, and even then it was always as part of his service to the Militia. One of these times was in the establishment of New Bajor. During his time serving under Lenaris Holem, Cenn participated in operations to expose organizations such as the Cult of the Pah-wraiths and the Circle. When Bajor joined the Federation and much of the Bajoran military became part of Starfleet, Cenn had serious concerns about the future of both his planet and the militia he served. In late 2376, after Cenn revealed his feelings about the militia's absorption into Starfleet to Lieutenant Ro Laren of space station Deep Space 9, Ro recommended him for the position of Bajoran liaison officer onboard the station. The recommendation had the full support of Bajoran Starfleet Captain Kira Nerys and Bajoran Militia General Lenaris Holem. In his new postion, Cenn acted as the eyes and ears of Bajor on the station, and saw to it that Bajoran needs and concerns were properly addressed by the Starfleet personnel. In early 2377, Cenn led the investigation into the attack on Captain Kira Nerys by the Jem'Hadar observer Taran'atar. Following the arrest of several of Iliana Ghemor's mercenaries, Cenn questioned Shing-kur, Fellen Ni-Yaleii, Telal and Mazagalanthi. With help from Quark he discovered they had been held at Letau with Ghemor. Cenn was able to divide Shing-kur from Ni-Yaleii, Telal and Mazagalanthi after he revealed to them Ghemor's true identity. Cenn was unable to stop Shing-Kur from killing the others through implants in their bodies. After the destruction of Deep Space Nine and Commander Vaughn assuming command of the James T Kirk Cenn was promoted to Colonel and became Ro's First Officer.

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