Captain Carlos Carranza

Name: Carlos Carranza
Rank: Captain
Position: Commanding Officer USS Esquiline

Starfleet History
pre 2379: Serving as First Officer USS Republic
2379: Promoted to Captain and reassigned to USS Esquiline as Commanding Officer

Personal History
By 2379, Carlos was serving as the first officer of the USS Republic. While the ship was stationed at Tezwa to assist in the aid and rebuilding efforts, he received the priority one directive from USS Enterprise-E officer Data requesting the immediate impound of the freighters involved in transporting contraband cargo shipments to the planet. A short period later, Carlos, as first officer of the USS Amargosa, was part of the team that recovered the merchantman Caedera, finding the knife Erovan M'Rill held to the neck of Nelino Quafina, Federation Minister of Military Intelligence, providing critical DNA evidence to link him to the construction, deployment, and cover up of the nadion-pulse cannons. After the death of Captain Dasht of the USS Esquiline Carlos was promoted to assume command. Like his predecessor Carlos was not excited about having Tuvok as his First Officer.

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