Spartan Fleet By-Laws

Spartan Fleet Player's By-Laws

1. Obey all RPG Rules, By-Laws, Starfleet General Orders, and the Constitutional guidelines. We have worked very hard to come up with them and they are all in place for one reason or another. They are there to help us all be the best we can be. Breaking these rules can affect your standings in Spartan Fleet ranging from demotion, removal from a RPG or even possible banning from Spartan Fleet as a whole.

2. When joining any Spartan Fleet RPG do NOT give yourself a rank, nor list past ranks held by your character. The CO of the RPG you are applying for will give you your rank according to your application, bio, position needs, and current RPG rank structure.

3. Should a player be having a problem with another player (including their CO or XO), it is suggested that they try to work the situation out with the closest person in their chain of command. Should that fail the player may file a request with the JAG CO. The JAG CO, along with the Justice Council, will look into the situation and be guided by their duties as described in Article IV of the Constitution.

4. All new members wanting to join an RPG that have little or no RPG experience are highly encouraged to attend the Spartan Fleet Academy's initial entry cadet course. It is suggested that anyone new to Spartan Fleet or those looking to advance their careers, take courses from the Academy. The Academy currently has courses for cadets, advanced department courses, Command School, and Flag Officer Course.

5. Make sure to fill out your RPG application completely, as it is part of what the Commanding Officers look at in order to judge what rank you should start as.

6. For RPG CO's wanting to do a joint mission or "visit" another RPG in the Fleet please at the very least contact the corresponding RPG CO one week in advance to learn its availability for your idea of a joint mission or "visit".

7. Anyone causing "disharmony" (Spamming, petitions, harassment) in the fleet for any reason may be placed on probation, monitored, and/or banned from the fleet either by the CinC or the DCinC.

8. Unless the RPG is SPECIFICALLY rated, no excessive cursing, or sexually explicit posts. There are a lot of players under the age of 18 and others may find it offensive. When in doubt, keep in mind what you always saw in the different series and movies and go by that.

9. Unless SPECIFICALLY granted by that RPG's CO, DO NOT start a RPG on a new mission or major sub-plot. It is the CO's job to keep plots running as good as they can (it's not easy). If you have a plot idea, send it to your RPG's CO.

10. Time and plot situations permitting it is advised that players post at least two or three times a week. Posting less then once a week could cost your position, or even possible rank demotion as determined by the RPG CO. As a CO or XO barring time or plot restrictions it is HIGHLY recommended to post three to six times a week to keep plots moving along smoothly. If you know you are not going to be able to post ask for a Leave of Absence (LoA). LoA requests will never be rejected in Spartan Fleet.

11. Respect other the other players in an RPG, they are there for the same reason you are, entertainment. Finding their character overly NPC'ed, killed, harmed, or majorly changed quickly leads to conflicts. The best advise is if your not sure about how to NPC another player email or message them before hand and WAIT for their answer. This also includes a character's family members, pets, and NPC co-workers and NPC friends.

12. Should for whatever reason(s) you find yourself needing to quit an RPG please notify your CO. This is to at least aid in their understanding that a new position is open. If you are a RPG CO or Command Council member and you are leaving or resigning, PRIVATELY tell the C-in-C. Privately means in an email or their preferred software messenger. DO NOT POST IT ON THE PUBLIC FORUM. Upon leaving Spartan Fleet, players give up all rights to any and all Spartan Fleet materials (ship designs, story ideas, technology, images, etc) created for Spartan Fleet, in Spartan Fleet, and by members of Spartan Fleet.

13. ALL other RPG organizations, fleets, (WHATEVER you are) are not allowed to recruit or advertise in Spartan Fleet. Our players do not need what you’re selling, and we wouldn't post recruitment or advertisements with you (unless it's specifically what your group is for or we are specifically given permission to do so). Spartan Fleet has a ZERO tolerance for SPAM, if you are caught recruiting or advertising in Spartan Fleet without permission, EXPECT a response. If a Spartan Fleet member recruits or advertises without specific permission they run the very high of being disciplined. This is not to sound mean or hateful, Spartan Fleet has worked hard to earn its respect level and as such work just as hard to respect others. Treat our RPGs link you would like to be treated yourself, because respect is a two way street.

14. Remember this is a form of entertainment first and foremost. Lives are not at stake and besides what it costs you to get on the internet it costs you NOTHING to play. So have Fun! If you're not having fun, contact your XO, CO, TFXO, TFCO, DFO, DCinC or CinC in that order.


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