Lieutenant Bemi Huliay

Name: Bemi Huliay
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Assistant Security Chief Deep Space Nine (II)
Age: 37

Bajoran Militia/Starfleet History
2369: becomes 2nd Lieutenant in Bajoran Militia assigned to Bajor
2375: Promoted to Captain
2376: Lieutenant in Starfleet
2377: Reassigned to Deep Space Nine and named Assistant Security Chief
2379: Reassigned to Deep Space Nine(II)

Personal History
Bemi Huliay was born in 2342 on Bajor in the Hedrikspool Province. Like most children born during the Occupation Huliay did not get much in the way of education and began fighting the Cardassians early in life eventually joining the Resistance joining the Ornathia Resistance Cell when she was eleven much to her father's chagrin since he was a Vedek and believed in non violence. The Resistance Cell was mostly active in Huliay's home province of Hedrikspool.

After the Occupation was over Huliay found herself a 2nd Lieutenant in the Bajoran Militia assigned to the security detail on Bajor mostly doing security for Provisional Government eventually drawing the assignment to protect First Minister Shakaar after his election to the position. In late 2375 she was promoted to Captain. Shakaar was killed right before Bajor was admitted into the Federation. Huliay took a commission with Starfleet and was made a full Lieutenant (the equivalent to her Bajoran Militia rank) but she took a LOA to cope with the loss of her long time boss. After returning from her LOA she was assigned to Deep Space Nine to be the Assistant Security Chief under Ro Laren. After Deep Space Nine was destroyed Huliay waited for the new DS9 to be completed and was assigned there. The return of Odo prevented her from getting promoted to Security Chief something she resents him for.

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