Chief Petty Officer Bart Faulwell

Name: Bart Faulwell
Rank: Chief Petty Officer
Position: SCE Language & Cryptography Specialist USS da Vinci (NCC-81623-A)
Age: 60

Starfleet History
2338: Enrolls in Starfleet Academy
????: Drops out
2357: Enlists in Starfleet and assigned to USS Pisces
2364: Reenlists in Starfleet
2375: Reassigned to Starbase 92
2376: Reassigned to USS da Vinci (NCC-81623)
2380: Reassigned to USS da Vinci (NCC-81623-A)

Personal History
Faulwell was born circa 2320, one of two children of an archaeologist father and cultural specialist mother. He was diagnosed as a child with an untreatable kidney defect, which kept him bedridden throughout much of his early years. He also had an allergy to Retnox 5, further complicating any potential treatment. Despite this, he was able to develop a talent for linguistics, and accompanied his family on research missions. One one such mission, Faulwell misinterpreted the writing within a temple, leading him to declare it safe. It was in fact "a place of punishment," and his sister was killed by the alien mechanism. His sister's kidneys were transplanted to Faulwell, saving his life.

Faulwell enrolled at Starfleet Academy at age eighteen, but dropped out, and pursued his linguistics studies at other institutions, eventually earning his doctorate degree. In 2357, after a time as a "stuffy academic," Faulwell joined Starfleet as an enlisted crewman specifically so that he could serve aboard aboard the USS Pisces which was assigned to a seven year exploration mission. During his time aboard, the ship was involved in several first contact situations. He found that he enjoyed the work and so re-enlisted when the mission was over. With the outbreak of the Dominion War, Faulwell's expertise was directed toward decryption of enemy codes. In 2375, he participated in the top-secret Project Mungin. Later that year, he was assigned to head the cryptography team based on Starbase 92. During that assignment, he met Lieutenant Commander Anthony Mark, with whom he started a romantic relationship. Following the end of the war, Faulwell was assigned to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers team on the USS da Vinci. Faulwell and Mark maintained a long-distance relationship for several months, primarily through letters. The relationship became strained, however, after Mark raised the possibility of marriage. In 2377, Faulwell was nearly killed when he was impaled on spear-like projectile, destroying several internal organs and causing massive bleeding. He was saved by an emergency field surgery performed by Dr. Sarjenka, and then kept alive aboard the da Vinci by Dr. Elizabeth Lense, who used the EMH's holographic emitters to create a temporary pancreas, spleen and kidney. He had new organs transplanted at Starbase 375.

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