Awhina Gibson

Name: Awhina Gibson
Race: Terran (more specifically Maori/Australian)
Gender: Female
Age: 23
D.O.B.: 17th June
P.O.B.: Unknown city, VIC, Australia
Rank: Civillian
Assignment: Owner of 'Piki's' Restaurant on Starbase Saloon
Marks: Small scars, burns all over body, crucifix tattoo on left shoulder, 'rugged' tattoo on right outter thigh.
Special Abilities: very good with languages, exceptional cook
Skills: fast learner, good listener, adept in combat, well educated

Tom and Aka Gibson
Siblings: Ari (19 y/o brother), Malachi (17 y/o brother)
Mate: None
Children: None

Bought up in what she believes to be the luckiest country in the UFP, Awhina had the desire to become one of the glittering members of the Fleet when she grew up. So as a child she worked hard, played rarely and inhabited a thick wall to those around her. Most of her friends and family believed she was a normal child, going through the paces as a youth growing up in society but inwardly Awhina had insecurities that sprung into more problematic symptoms. Graduating highschool with fair marks, Awhina was admitted into the Acadmeny with no surprise to her peers. Without a second thought she enrolled into her classes and set aside her strong personal feelings of dread and maltemperence. It wasn't until she had actually FINISHED her training at the Academy that Awhina knew this was not the life she wanted and withdrew from service for reasons marked on her permanent record as 'personal reasonings'. Now 'stationed' on Starbase Saloon, Awhina has just opened 'Piki's'; a intimate and homey restaraunt that serves dishes that are always tailored to the customer…Piki's pride themselves on never delivering two dishes that are the same. Happy with her new life…for now, Awhina has set her past behind her and taken up what was her dormant beliefs and now strives to fill out her place in this compact society.

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