Crew Manifest USS Archer


Commanding Officer Captain Jonathan Archer 65ujtZ.png Human/Male
First Officer Commander T'Pol wg7c75.png Vulcan/Female
Second Officer/Security Chief Lieutenant Malcolm Reed PI7RAz.png Human/Male
Gamma Shift Commanding Officer Lieutenant Donna O'Neill 45mXWN.png Human/Female
Chief Helm Officer Lieutenant Joshua Alberts ro2.png Human/Male
Assistant Chief Helm Officer Ensign Jordan Lawrence ro1.png Human/Male
Helm Officer Ensign Thomas Hutchinson ZM4ViI.png Human/Male
Helm Officer Ensign Steven Cole ZM4ViI.png Human/Male
Helm Officer Ensign April Key ro1.png Human/Female
Helm Officer Ensign Brittany Bridges ro1.png Human/Female
Helm Officer Ensign Sylvia Golden ro1.png Human/Female
Shuttle Pilot Lieutenant Darrell McIntosh ro2.png Human/Male
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Philip Kennedy ro1.png Human/Male
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Shannon Nichols ro1.png Human/Female
Security Chief/Second Officer Lieutenant Malcolm Reed PI7RAz.png Human/Male
Assistant Security Chief Lieutenant Sarin yo3.png Suliban/Female
Security Officer Lieutenant Sunny Foster PI7RAz.png Human/Female
Security Officer Ensign Jacob Tanner NSiFK1.png Human/Male
Security Officer Ensign Alana Hart NSiFK1.png Human/Female
Security Officer Ensign Paula Socorro NSiFK1.png Human/Female
Security Officer Ensign Saffron Burrows NSiFK1.png Human/Female
Security Officer Ensign Pete Lattimer NSiFK1.png Human/Male
Chief Communications Officer Lieutenant Hoshi Sato MQ326v.png Human/Female
Assistant Chief Communications Officer Lieutenant Jannar co2.png Arboreal Xindi/Male
Communications Officer Ensign Antonia Porter Untuqz.png Human/Female
Communications Officer Ensign Alex Emerson co1.png Human/Male
Communications Officer Ensign Anita Dawson co1.png Human/Female
Communications Officer Ensign Antoinette Dudley co1.png Human/Female
Communications Officer Crewman Robert Baird C89tju.png Human/Male
Chief Engineer Lieutenant Harry Kim yo3.png Human/Male
Assistant Chief Engineer Lieutenant Rebecca Hess PI7RAz.png Human/Male
Engineer Ensign Steven Cook NSiFK1.png Human/Male
Engineer Ensign Michael Almack NSiFK1.png Human/Male
Engineer Ensign Jessica Massarro NSiFK1.png Human/Female
Engineer Ensign Thomas Walsh NSiFK1.png Human/Male
Engineer Ensign Jackson Rivers NSiFK1.png Human/Male
Engineer Crewman Michael Roston z7bpyh.png Human/Male
Engineer Crewman Jessica Alison z7bpyh.png Human/Female
Transporter Chief Chief Petty Officer Sokath ye7.png Vulcan/Male
Transporter Operator Crewman Jesus Harvey ye3.png Human/Male
Transporter Operator Crewman Angelina Hudson ye3.png Human/Female
Chief Medical Officer Doctor Phlox Denobulan/Male
Assistant Chief Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Lena Glau to2.png Human/Female
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Andrew Hogan to2.png Human/Male
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Ernest Davis to2.png Human/Male
Head Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) L'Kem to3.png Vulcan/Female
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Gene Allison to1.png Human/Male
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Kathleen House to1.png Human/Female
Med Tech Crewman Elizabeth Cutler l0K2Em.png Human/Female
Med Tech Crewman Zseizaz te3.png Kaferian/Male
Med Tech Crewman Edgar Harvey te3.png Human/Male
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