Doctor Angela Strickland

Name: Angela Strickland
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Assistant Chief Medical Officer USS Curie
Age: 29

Starfleet History
2367: Enters Starfleet Medical Academy
2371: Assigned to Deep Space Four for residency
2375: Graduates Starfleet Medical Academy
2376: Assigned to Deep Space Four as Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2379: Reassigned to USS Curie

Personal History
Angela Strickland was born in Washington, DC in the year 2350. From the age of six it was her dream to become the greatest Doctor to ever serve in Starfleet. At the age of seventeen she entered Starfleet's Medical Academy to study medicine to become a Doctor. She was assigned to Deep Space Nine Four for her residency. After graduating fifth in her class she got the assignment of her choosing which was to remain on Deep Space Four. Since they already had a CMO she was named the Assistant. She was under the assumption the CMO would be retiring soon and she would get promoted to be his replacement. That did not happen and in 2379 she was transferred to the USS Curie filling the same role as Assistant CMO now under Doctor Tropp who was transferring from the Enterprise-E to fill the CMO position.

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