Admiral Alynna Nacheyev

Name: Alynna Nacheyev
Rank: Admiral
Position: Head of Starfleet Intelligence

Starfleet History
2328: Lieutenant serving in Starfleet Intelligence
????: Promoted to Captain and reassigned to USS Boudicca as Commanding Officer
pre 2341: Promoted to Rear Admiral
????: Promoted to Vice Admiral and Named Head of Starfleet Intelligence
2370: Promoted to Admiral

Personal History
By 2328, Nechayev was a lieutenant in Starfleet Intelligence. That year, based on intelligence from Bajoran dissident Keeve Falor, she traveled to Bajor disguised as a Bajoran under the name Nechen Alla, to investigate claims that the Cardassian Union was planning to occupy the planet. With her partner Gwen Jones, she was able to discover evidence of these plans, but upon returning with the intelligence to the USS Gettysburg, learned Starfleet intended to treat the matter as an internal political affair. Nechayev later informed Bajoran refugee Darrah Mace that she would do all she could to help the Bajorans resist the Cardassians. At some later point, Nechayev reached the rank of Captain, and was given command of the USS Boudicca. Her first officer on that ship was Commander David Gold. In 2341, Rear admiral Nechayev met with Data who was hoping to join Starfleet. Nechayev allowed Data to skip the entrance exams and to move to an accelerated track with credit for individual study. By the early 2360s, Nechayev had attained the rank of Vice Admiral and oversaw operations at Starfleet Intelligence. In 2365, Nechayev was contacted by Elias Vaughn regarding a Cardassian informant, Gaten Russol, who wanted to give information about the occupation of Bajor. She reassigned Vaughn to Starbase 375 so that he could make contact with Russol, but gather only information relating to the Federation and not discuss Bajor.

In 2369, while serving as a Vice Admiral, she ordered Picard to relinquish command of the USS Enterprise-D to Captain Edward Jellico, the latter having experience with Cardassians in the past and having worked to establish the original armistice of the Federation-Cardassian War. She assigned Picard to a special operation to infiltrate a Cardassian installation on Celtris III. After Jellico's negotiations with Gul Lemec worsened, she authorized his actions against the Cardassian warships in the McAllister C-5 Nebula, at the risk of provoking open war and abandoning Picard. Later that year, Nechayev paid another visit to the Enterprise-D. Nechayev believed that Picard was too soft-handed in his dealings with Federation adversaries. She cited in particular his refusal to use Hugh as a carrier to introduce an invasive program into the Borg Collective. When she commanded the Starfleet task forces assembled in response to the Borg attack, she ordered Picard to deploy the program should another opportunity avail itself.

Nechayev was promoted to the rank of Admiral in the year 2370, during which time she paid a third visit to the Enterprise-D. Picard tried making amends by contacting the Admiral's aide Commander Wrightwell to find about her fondness of Bularian canapés, which he then offered her in an attempt to help her feel welcome aboard the Enterprise. However, his objections to her order removing the Native American colonists from the Dorvan V colony in the Demilitarized Zone left tension between the two. During this year, she also played a role in the Federation-Cardassian Treaty, and subsequently oversaw Starfleet's response to the Maquis insurrection following Gul Dukat's kidnapping. Though she understood, and sympathized with, the Maquis position, she was committed to preserving the Federation's peace with the Cardassians despite Central Command arming their colonists covertly. As part of her efforts, she requested Ro Laren's participation in an undercover mission to infiltrate the Maquis – but this backfired on her when Ro joined the Maquis instead. Later that year, when the crew of Deep Space 9 had recovered a Jem'Hadar youth, and Odo opted to return him to the Dominion rather than to hand them over to the incoming USS Constellation, Sisko justified the change of plans by stating that while Admiral Nechayev would not have liked it, "I would've had to kill the boy to keep him here."

In 2373, Nechayev controlled key aspects of Starfleet's response to the collapse of the Thallonian Empire. After being convinced by Captain Picard, Commander Riker, and Ambassador Spock, she decided that the best course of action was to send a Starfleet vessel, the Excalibur, into Sector 221-G to observe the situation and offer humanitarian assistance. She asked Picard to retrieve Mackenzie Calhoun from his operative work to command the Excalibur. In 2375, Nechayev, monitoring the Double Helix incident, installed Commander Riker as the field captain of the Excalibur, pulling Captain Calhoun from the ship and sending him on another mission related to the Double Helix through her connections at Starfleet Intelligence. In 2379, Admiral Nechayev was one of five Starfleet admirals who along with Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Ambassador Lagan Serra decided the fate of Federation President Min Zife after the disastrous Tezwan affair. Nechayev pressed especially hard for the position that Zife had to be removed from office and punished for what he had done. The group decided to force Zife, Koll Azernal, and Nelino Quafina to step down but not to reveal to anyone where the weapons had come from. Nechayev was upset that this was effectively helping them cover up their crimes, but eventually she was convinced that it was necessary for the good of the Federation. A short time later, she confronted Zife along with Admirals Ross and Nakamura with the threat and watched as agents of Section 31 came to escort Zife, Azernal, and Quafina away.

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