Lieutenant Akari O'Brien

Name: Akari O'Brien
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Communications Officer Deep Space Nine(II)
Age: appears 26

Starfleet History
2396: Enters Starfleet Academy
2375: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2376: Assigned to Starbase 123
2378: Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade
2379: Reassigned to Deep Space Nine(II)

Personal History
Akari O'Brien is the third child of Miles and Keiko O'Brien. She was born in San Francisco, CA on Earth in the year 2378 while her father was teaching at the Academy. About a year after her birth her parents had a big fight because her mother wanted to go on an expedition. Miles won that fight but it was the beginning of the end of their marriage and they were separated a year later. Keiko took the kids and moved to Japan. Akari had not seen her father since and has no memories of him and he was off Earth shortly after the divorce was finalized in 2383. Despite this she was intrigued by the prospect of going into space and was actually the first O'Brien to attend Starfleet Academy. She did not become an engineer like her father or a scientist like her mother and sister. She instead majored in communications. During the break between her freshman and sophomore year she was on the Enterprise-E which was on it's way to DS9 so she could see her father for the first time since she was a toddler. Fate had something else in mind as she ended up being transported to a different quantum reality where it was the year 2372.

After arriving in the year 2372 she made the decision to not look up her father or even make her presence known to him. Continuing her studies at the Academy she graduated after three years in her new time period, having completed the first year in her quantum reality. She was then assigned to Starbase 123 which was on the other side of Klingon space. She still had no interest in letting her father know she was in this time period let alone contacting him. Fate would again play a role this time having her get assigned to Deep Space Nine(II) where her father had returned to be the Chief Engineer after the death of his wife, the double of her brother Yoshi and her duplicate. During a Counseling session with her father present Akari learned that the expedition that her father prevented her mother from going on was the cause of her death in her new quantum reality. That shock her to her core.

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