Anthony Jethro Gibbs

Name: Anthony Jethro Gibbs
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 49
D.O.B.: March 12, 2361
P.O.B.: Earth; Stillwater, Pennsylvania.
Assignment: Supervisory Special Agent, Starfleet Criminal Investigation Service.
Marks: Roundish scar on his left chest from a disruptor blast, narrow long scar on his upper right arm from a knife wound.
Special Abilities: N/A.
Skills: Weapons Handling: Melee, Pahser Types 1, 2 and 3, Hand to hand combat, investigation, interrigation.

Parents: William Leroy Gibbs & Diane (Bourgoine) Gibbs.
Siblings: Paul Gibbs (Y.B.) & Dawn Gibbs (Y.S.).
Mate: Alicia (Deceased).
Children: Kelsie (Deceased).

Anthony Jethro Gibbs was born to William Leroy Gibbs & Diane (Bourgoine) Gibbs on March 12, 2361 in Stillwater, Pennsylvania of the United States of America on Earth. From 2366 - 2382, he went through general schooling and then was accepted into Starfleet Academy from 2382 - 2386. From 2386 - 2394 he served as a Security Officer at various posts and ships, making it to Security Chief through ranks Ensign - Lieutenant. After 2 tours of duty he joined SCIS as a Probie. By 2409 he made it to Supervisory Special Agent and placed in charge of SCIS Team One, taking on Starfleet's priority cases.

Family History:
Anthony Jethro Gibbs came from a long line of Military and Law Enforcement men and women dating back to Leroy Jethro Gibbs of NCIS and a former Marine Sniper before that. Later in his life he discovered he and Jenny Shepard had a daughter that she kept secret even from him due to the dangerous careers they had. She put their daughter Amy up for adoption. After Leroy Jethro Gibbs met her, Anthony DiNozzo and Amy had a son named Anthony D. DiNozzo III, but divorced years down the road. She had hers and her son's last names changed back to Gibbs, Anthony D. Gibbs in his case. Down the generations most of the Gibbs stayed with the Navy and Marines or a Law Enforcement Agency. Some in Starfleet when it started and other in other lines of work.

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