Lieutenant Commander Airiam

Name: Airiam
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Chief Operations Officer USS Lexington

Starfleet History
2256: Assigned to USS Discovery as Spore Drive Operations Officer
2379: Reassigned to USS Lexington as Chief Operations Officer

Personal History
At some point before she became cybernetically augmented, Airiam eloped with a man named Stephen. However, Stephen was killed when the shuttle they were travelling in crashed on their return home. In the aftermath of the accident, Airiam received cybernetic augmentations.

Beginning in 2256, she served aboard the USS Discovery as the spore drive ops officer. During the battle with the Klingons to save Corvan II, Airiam managed the ship's excess energy cavitation and maintained contact with Lieutenant Stamets and engineering, apprising the bridge when the spore drive was ready to use for escape. She frequently maintained communication between the bridge and the spore drive engineers during critical situations. After Discovery ended up in the mirror universe they attempted to return home but ended up in another quantum reality in the year 2379. Despite there being no record of Airiam or the Discovery in Starfleet's official data base she was selected by Captain Rothchild to be the Chief Operations Officer of Lexington.

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