Cadet Adarra

Name: Adarra
Rank: Cadet 4th Class (Senior)
Position: Science Officer USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)

Starfleet History
2376: Enters Starfleet Academy
2379: Assigned to USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) for field study

Personal History
Adarra is from the Great Link in the Gamma Quadrant. When Odo returned home to be punished for killing a fellow Changeling Adarra was part of the link and she agreed with the punishment at first. When the war with the Federation began Adarra like most of the Great Link was trapped in the Gamma Quadrant due to the mine field Starfleet deployed before they abandoned the Cardassian station Terok Nor. Even after the mine field went down the Great Link itself had little involvement in the war even before they got sick. The link was in sad shape when Odo returned home for good and cured them of the disease. Adarra volunteered to enter Starfleet Academy when Odo suggested that someone from the Link join Starfleet to see for themselves how the organization was actually run despite the tactics of Section 31. Adarra had a hard time fitting in at the Academy her first year likely due to a lot of open wounds from the war that hadn't even been over a year when she first got to San Francisco. It wasn't until her Sophomore year that she selected a major of sciences. When the Enterprise was converted into a training ship Adarra was assigned to the ship as part of the science staff in 2379.

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