Major Jennifer Sisko

Name: Jennifer Sisko
Rank: Major (United States Air Force)
Position: Chief Science Officer/Second Officer USS Planck

Air Force/Starfleet History
2372: 1st Lieutenant serving on USAF Enterprise (NCC-1701-K) as Assistant Chief Science Officer
2372: Reassigned to Starbase 16 as Chief Science Officer
2373: Promoted to Captain
2378: Promoted to Major
2379: Reassigned to USS Planck as Chief Science Officer/Second Officer

Personal History
Jennifer met Ben on Gilgo Beach in 2354, the day after attending a party at her friend George's place. They were married soon after. Later that year, Jennifer and Benjamin attended the Mazurka Festival on New Berlin with Cal and Gretchen Hudson. The two never had any children since they were both officers in the United States Air Force. In 2372 Jennifer was serving on the USAF Enterprise-K but ended up stuck on the Prometheus when it was forced to slide out of her quantum reality. While on the Prometheus she met a Benjamin Sisko from a different quantum reality. Since he looked and acted exactly like her husband she and he started to date and they were both assigned to Starbase 16 together where they were married (since both were separated from their spouse due to Jennifer's death in Ben's quantum reality and Jennifer sliding away from Ben in her quantum reality). In 2379 both were reassigned to the USS Planck with her becoming the Second Officer as well as Chief Science Officer.

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