Ensign Zak Kebron

Name: Zak Kebron
Rank: Ensign
Position: Security Officer USS Enterprise(NCC-1701-D)

Starfleet History
2357: Enters Starfleet Academy
2361: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2361: Assigned to USS Ranger as Security Officer
2364: Reassigned to USS Enterprise(NCC-1701-D)

Personal History
Kebron entered Starfleet Academy in the year 2357, as only the third Brikar to be accepted to that institution. Upon arrival at the Academy campus in San Francisco, but before checking in, Kebron picked a fight with the Academy's first Klingon recruit, Worf Rozhenko. Kebron's people had a history of conflict with the Klingon Empire, and he considered all Klingons to be cold blooded killers. The Academy dealt with this situation by making Kebron and Worf roommates, forcing them to work out their differences. Kebron's squadron (which consisted of Worf, Soleta of Vulcan, and humans Mark McHenry and Tania Tobias) were part of an Academy attachment that was on the planet Dantar IV when the colony was attacked by the Brikar, who had briefly declared war on the Federation. Kebron eventually graduated, becoming the first Brikar in Starfleet. In 2361, Kebron was assigned to the USS Ranger as a security officer under Chief of security Lieutenant commander Raka. Kebron went undercover as a park statue on the planet Iban in order to apprehend a Federation bureaucrat who was selling military secrets to the Cardassian Union. Although that mission didn't go as planned, Kebron managed to save the life of Iban Prime Minister Niad from an assassination attempt. He was then assigned to the newly commissioned USS Enterprise(NCC-1701-D) in 2364 before ending up in a different quantum reality and the year 2380.

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