USS Enterprise-D


Commanding Officer Captain Jean-Luc Picard r-o6.png
First Officer Commander William Riker r-o5.png
Second Officer/Chief Operations Officer Lieutenant Commander Data y-o4.png
Bridge Watch Officer Lieutenant Worf r-o2.png
Acting Officer Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher
Chief Helm Officer Lieutenant Geordi LaForge r-o2.png
Assistant Chief Helm Officer Lieutenant Ricardo Torres r-o2.png
Helm Officer Lieutenant Orfil Solis r-o2.png
Helm Officer Ensign Noah Clark r-o1.png
Helm Officer Ensign Hubert Howard r-o1.png
Helm Officer Ensign Tyrone Haskell r-o1.png
Helm Officer Ensign Serena Gibson r-o1.png
Helm Officer Chief Petty Officer Miles O'Brien r-e7.png
Shuttle Pilot Lieutenant Ben Preito r-o3.png
Shuttle Pilot Lieutenant Joe Longo r-o3.png
Shuttle Pilot Lieutenant Theresa Vaughn r-o2.png
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Gary Barrett r-o1.png
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Amanda Moss r-o1.png
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Lucy Montgomery r-o1.png
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Hazel Snow r-o1.png
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Angel Kole r-o1.png
Chief Operations Officer/Second Officer Lieutenant Commander Data y-o4.png
Assistant Chief Operations Officer Lieutenant Kevin Skye y-o3.png
Operations Officer Lieutenant Jonossu y-o3.png
Operations Officer Lieutenant Joy Mullins y-o2.png
Operations Officer Lieutenant Ronald Todd y-o2.png
Operations Officer Ensign Lian T'Su y-o1.png
Operations Officer Ensign Carl Gilmore y-o1.png
Operations Officer Ensign Jeffrey Bennett y-o1.png
Security Chief Lieutenant Tasha Yar y-o3.png
Assistant Security Chief Lieutenant Leslie Reign y-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Rosemary Lucas y-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Strulke y-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Harvey Cameron y-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Trevor Moore y-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Sheri Osborn y-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Freddie Light y-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Tommy Vance y-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Kristen Donovan y-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Freddie Kingsley y-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Esther Blevins y-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Louise Jones y-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Irass Ch'ovhialet y-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Alfred Freeman y-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Shelley Britt y-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Ikak y-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Miriam Clark y-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Keith Morrow y-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Michele Perkins y-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Heidi Perry y-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Kejuan Leonard y-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Irvin Arnold y-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Martha Chambers y-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Kale Wallace y-o2.png
Security Officer Ensign Angela Wayne y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Zak Kebron y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Douglas Simmons y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Joseph Edwards y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Mia Wilcox y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Mr'uul y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Ricardo Golden y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Cohen Butler y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Maria Lindsey y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Jennifer Willis y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Annalise Howe y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Dylan Watson y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign LeMaun Alexander y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Samuel Collier y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Todd Stanton y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Spyk y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Nancy Tucker y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Lindsay Worth y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Julian Weaver y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Bailee Sloan y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Pearl Angel y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Jerome Hoover y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Clinton Rivers y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Alfred Garrison y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Charlotte Roberts y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Tyrice Kelly y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Karen Park y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Moriah Beard y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Phoebe Harris y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Ruben Cote y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Xaran y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Othyssia Zh'shretherh y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Jeneice Fleming y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Laura Jordan y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Tegan Marsh y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Gerald Lake y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign D'Andrea Adams y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Efrayim Shimshelewitz y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Ricky Summers y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Jerry Burke y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Leslie Nagel y-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Dana Williams y-o1.png
Security Officer Crewman Stanley Child y-o1.png
Security Officer Crewman Joan Summers y-o1.png
Security Officer Crewman Nicole Price y-o1.png
Security Officer Crewman Diego Ramos y-o1.png
Security Officer Crewman Philip Aron y-o1.png
Torpedo Room Supervisor Lieutenant Yesenia Hunter y-o3.png
Assistant Torpedo Room Supervisor Lieutenant Thomas Booth y-o2.png
Torpedo Room Operator Lieutenant Hunter Minnerly y-o2.png
Torpedo Room Operator Lieutenant Marjorie O'Donnell y-o2.png
Torpedo Room Operator Ensign Marcus Button y-o1.png
Torpedo Room Operator Ensign John Living y-o1.png
Torpedo Room Operator Ensign Gabriella Noel y-o1.png
Torpedo Room Operator Ensign T'saar y-o1.png
Chief Engineer Lieutenant Commander Michael Argyle y-o4.png
Assistant Chief Engineer Lieutenant Tracy Puckett y-o3.png
Engineer Lieutenant Hyman Mandebaum y-o3.png
Engineer Lieutenant Fern Downs y-o3.png
Engineer Lieutenant Tazwell Thompson y-o3.png
Engineer Lieutenant Evelyn Richardson y-o3.png
Engineer Lieutenant Strolk y-o3.png
Engineer Lieutenant Erin Sinclair y-o3.png
Engineer Lieutenant Theniab Th'chytrik y-o3.png
Engineer Lieutenant Erin Hopkins y-o3.png
Engineer Lieutenant Kayson Douglas y-o3.png
Engineer Lieutenant Logan Stone y-o3.png
Engineer Lieutenant Aga Singh y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Rayan Barnett y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Joselyn Wall y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Charlotte Hawkins y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Joe Hall y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Vair y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Natroya Solomon y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Gordon Keith y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Binendra y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Madeleine Jones y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Olivia Wong y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Tony Cohen y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant R'Nirl y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Jean Wolfe y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Nixkamich y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Diana Giddings y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Glen March y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Raoul Hauschka y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Reniece Hines y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Etar Ch'shraosrok y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Anton Swanson y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Kieran Duffy y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Roland Kidd y-o2.png
Engineer Ensign Jocelyn Walter y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Bertha Steinberg y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Dennis Garner y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Pere Zh'chaasrohr y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Hatano Yoshimitsu y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Teddy Christy y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Linda Crane y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Lois Parsons y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Catlynne Gilbert y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Gordon Penn y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Ramon Brewer y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Luis Munoz y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Albert Lee y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Jason Fletcher y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Gracie Thomas y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Sydney Head y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Deqavious Hinton y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Madelyn Mays y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Niambra Cook y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Vondell Mcdonald y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Samuel Moore y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Anthony Evans y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Kadrea Cotton y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Jeanne Good y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Kris Coleman y-o1.png
Engineer Crewman Tiffany Burt y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Simon Michael y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Darien Wallace y-e3.png
Computer Specialist Lieutenant Unun y-o2.png
Warp Core Specialist Lieutenant Regina Peck y-o3.png
Sensor Room Specialist Lieutenant Vryrao Sh'oralron y-o3.png
Sensor Room Specialist Lieutenant Miranda Kadohata 2likRx.png
Sensor Room Specialist Lieutenant Charlie Grant y-o2.png
Sensor Room Specialist Lieutenant Zoe May y-o2.png
Sensor Room Specialist Lieutenant Sydney Legend y-o2.png
Sensor Room Specialist Ensign Kay Skye y-o1.png
Sensor Room Specialist Ensign Burley Ware y-o1.png
Sensor Room Specialist Ensign Albert Webster y-o1.png
Structural Engineer Crewman Lela Weaver y-e3.png
Systems Engineer Lieutenant Miska Kempinski y-o3.png
Nacelle Room Supervisor Lieutenant Rose David y-o3.png
Assistant Nacelle Room Supervisor Lieutenant Karla Button y-o3.png
Nacelle Room Operator Lieutenant Shes Th'zylahr y-o3.png
Nacelle Room Operator Lieutenant Ben Riley y-o2.png
Nacelle Room Operator Ensign Caitlyn Little y-o1.png
Nacelle Room Operator Ensign Jacoby Acosta y-o1.png
Nacelle Room Operator Ensign Devon Bowen y-o1.png
Nacelle Room Operator Ensign Joan Jay y-o1.png
Shuttle Bay Officer Lieutenant Devin Brooks y-o2.png
Shuttle Bay Officer Lieutenant Maxwell Dale y-o2.png
Shuttle Bay Officer Lieutenant Dorian Branch y-o2.png
Shuttle Bay Officer Lieutenant Yanine Kelly y-o2.png
Shuttle Bay Officer Lieutenant Ruben Page y-o2.png
Shuttle Bay Officer Ensign Kellece Hodges y-o1.png
Shuttle Bay Officer Ensign K'eon Alexander y-o1.png
Shuttle Bay Officer Ensign Kristie Silver y-o1.png
Shuttle Bay Officer Ensign Rebecca Hughes y-o1.png
Shuttle Bay Officer Ensign Spencer Rogers y-o1.png
Shuttle Bay Officer Ensign Lisa Flowers y-o1.png
Shuttle Bay Officer Ensign Summer Adams y-o1.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Chief Petty Officer Toya Morrison y-e7.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Petty Officer Bonnie Newman y-e6.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Petty Officer Morris Sloan y-e6.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Petty Officer Jack Summers y-e4.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Petty Officer Bertha Sutton y-e4.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Petty Officer Baylee Estes y-e4.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Skye Read y-e3.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Rick Hodges y-e3.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Connor Russell y-e3.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Sally Huffman y-e3.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Stephanie Hess y-e3.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Julian Huber y-e3.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Laura Hinton y-e3.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Ben Stevens y-e3.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Craig Sharpe y-e3.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Sheila Moon y-e3.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Chachi Watson y-e3.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Toya Pendleton y-e3.png
Transporter Chief Lieutenant B. G. Robinson y-o3.png
Transporter Operator Ensign Lawrence Herbert y-o1.png
Transporter Operator Ensign Thomas Shipley y-o1.png
Transporter Operator Ensign Seiji Hoy y-o1.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Jade Morgan y-e3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Yona Zlato y-e3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Ben Keith y-e3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Delashaun Hicks y-e3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Gloria Turner y-e3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Nicholas Ferrell y-e3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Addison Spacey y-e3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Erica Clay y-e3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Eveva Sh'shryverh y-e3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Leona Call y-e3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Kaydron Holland y-e3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Cooper Bernard y-e3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Nell Yates y-e3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Doris Marshall y-e3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Duane Riley y-e3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Char'quez Curry y-e3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Dana Hebert y-e3.png
Chief Medical Officer Doctor(Commander) Beverly Crusher c-o5.png
Assistant Chief Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Selar c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Leon Watkins c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Callum Morgan c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Darrisha Holt c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Lilly Holmes c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Sophia Branch c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Walter Head c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Wadline Hicks c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Rodney Beasley c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Levell Floyd c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Abigail Lee c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Marley Kline c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Josué Cunha c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Alexandra Harris c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Dolores Wyatt c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Sylvester Hendricks c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Lynn Edwards c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) T'raisse c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Diane Stevens c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) JoLee Holmes c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Dave Joyce c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Sylvia Miller c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Kian Reynolds c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Jesse Byers c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Wilbur Hammond c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Brianna Cherry c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Bridget Collier c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Daisy Fletcher c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Antonio Johns c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Shadenda Carroll c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Harvey Middleton c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Jaime Boyle c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Holly Armstrong c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Hugh Floyd c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Aubrey Moore c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) S'Tiss c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Billy Thomas c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Felicity Castro c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Dana Hale c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Isathaahl Ch'athaavehr c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Amirah Rush c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Deqavious Walton c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Aden Gillespie c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Joy Harmon c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Karl Cotton c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Kate Sharp c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Kathryn Holloway c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Jeff Carver c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Thavin Ch'chaotrar c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Georgy Young c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Jordan Dillard c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Brooke Waters c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Alice Jarvis c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Ario Shaw c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Jenny Green c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Eugene Hogan c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) T'Kin c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Ben Collins c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Skylar Logan c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Jalanda Reynolds c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Vretto Zh'eraosrer c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Jon Rosa c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Lylah French c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Joy Gates c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Levi Haley c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Caitlin Clarke c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Luna Rufer c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Inna Thomi c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Jo Waters c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Junesu c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Susan Boyd c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Alvin Howe c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Edmund Hays c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Salvatore Mullen c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Gomi Yawara c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Karver Foster c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Teonnie Webster c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Carl Frazier c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Eddie Marshall c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Delmetrice Polk c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Iris Rabbinowitz c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Joy Hunter c-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Daisy Wood c-o2.png
Head Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Quinn Kerr c-o3.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Voshon Wilson c-o3.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Natalee Chen c-o3.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Jude Murray c-o3.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Ayden Olsen c-o3.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Naomi Winter c-o3.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Azaria Dale c-o3.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Anne Berry c-o3.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Zalinia Weaver c-o3.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Barry Anthony c-o3.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Eyou Abrams c-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Robert Jordan c-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Kay Cannon c-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Cristian Shepard c-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Melany Duffy c-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Apomol Zh'kathin c-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Willis Heath c-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Leisley Bishop c-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Bobby Carr c-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Johnny Robbins c-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Trinee Stone c-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Agnes Moore c-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Johan Curry c-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Stokkatt c-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Elize Gibbs c-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Morris Snider c-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Carol Kirkland c-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Jillian Carr c-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Joseph Wolfe c-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Lonnie Marshall c-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Markeys Pierre c-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Braelin Whitaker c-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Sarah Apollo c-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Thirehr Ch'shraothohr c-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Sidney McMahon c-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Franklin Evans c-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Wesley Pitts c-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Ann Strickland c-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Phillip Harmon c-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Senedra Cook c-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Joynisha Tillman c-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Bailey Harper c-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Sululk c-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Victor Bright c-o1.png
Med Tech Crewman Chase Rose c-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Florin Eggen c-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Jessie Higgins c-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Jose Martinez c-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Jamie Blackwell c-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Byb Ch'chaviq c-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Henry Hunt c-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Andreaka Weaver c-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Gabriela Marks c-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Omar Bryan c-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Arlene Gibbs c-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Terri Hoffman c-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Lonnie Brady c-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Dwayne Alston c-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Kenowia c-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman George Walton c-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Harvey McClure c-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Freddie Graham c-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Mason Keller c-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Annie Kelly c-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Holly Duffy c-e3.png
Counselor Counselor(Lieutenant Commander) Deanna Troi c-o4.png
Chief Science Officer/Second Officer Lieutenant Commander Data y-o4.png
Assistant Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Christopher Swenson c-o3.png
Science Officer Lieutenant P'Rorish c-o3.png
Science Officer Lieutenant Tammie Robinson c-o2.png
Science Officer Lieutenant Bobby Russell c-o2.png
Science Officer Ensign Jackie Dudley c-o1.png
Science Officer Ensign Mae Gray c-o1.png
Science Officer Ensign Justin Youngblood c-o1.png
Xenobiologist Lieutenant Commander Thavi Zh'eqykrin c-o4.png
Geologist Lieutenant Julius Johns c-o3.png
Quantum Mechanics Lieutenant Commander Hollie Hart c-o4.png
Archaeology and Anthropology Officer Lieutenant Marla Aster c-o2.png
Archaeology and Anthropology Ensign Salvatore Drake c-o1.png
Botanist Lieutenant Commander Vantrice Walton c-o4.png
Ecologist Lieutenant Savan Th'qaasrar c-o2.png
Biologist Lieutenant Maeve Decker c-o2.png
Exozoologist Lieutenant Daryl Dare c-o3.png
Mineralogy and Metallurgy Crewman Jacque Prixus c-e3.png
Stellar Cartography Lieutenant K'eon Gardner c-o3.png
Stellar Cartography Lieutenant Koloman Schwann c-o2.png
Stellar Cartography Ensign Johnathan Williams c-o1.png
Stellar Cartography Ensign Kaazima el-Hamad c-o1.png
Computer Sciences Division Lieutenant Lawrence Dean c-o3.png
Contact Specialist Lieutenant Commander Kamoni Watkins c-o4.png
Historian Lieutenant Donald Whalen c-o2.png
Planetary Geosciences Lieutenant Matsuno Korechika c-o3.png
Oceanographer Doctor(Lieutenant) Harry Bernard, Sr c-o3.png
Theoretical Physicist Commander Ramix c-o5.png
Volcanology and Geomechanics Ensign Timothy Alans c-o1.png
Volcanology and Geomechanics Ensign Anne Hildebrant c-o1.png
Astrophysicist Lieutenant Pauline Berrymore c-o3.png
Astrophysicist Ensign Elizabeth Branch c-o1.png
Astrobiologist Lieutenant Jaquoya Williams c-o2.png
Astrobiologist Ensign Osossa Sh'chyhraq c-o1.png
Exobiologist Lieutenant Marqués Daniel c-o2.png
Geochemist Ensign Malcolm Davies c-o1.png
Civilian Jake Kurland
Civilian Alexandra Pendleton
Barber Mot
Civilian Harry Bernard, Jr
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